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Whether you like it or not, sometimes keeping up with the housework on top of your family, pets, and the job can be overwhelming. Even if you do not let dishes or laundry pile up, when was the last time you managed to get the guest bathroom scrubbed down, or the dining room floor waxed? With Ultimate Sparkle Cleaning LLC by your side, you can rely on a team of friendly and well-equipped maids to clean your home to your standards in a timely manner. Our maid service is preferred by many people in Grand Rapids, MI because we perform our work with great attention to detail and at very affordable rates.

Our specialties include maid services and move-in and move-out cleaning. So, if you think the time to hire a dependable residential cleaner, do not hesitate to turn to us! You will be impressed by the quality of our domestic maid services! For more information check out our Services Page and don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions!

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Benefits of Hiring a Pro Maid Cleaning Service

Are you missing those family movie nights, and getting to take the whole family out bowling or skating? With the housework already done, you get more free hours to spend doing what you love – with the help of a few maids, Grand Rapids, MI can be fun again!

As a team of professional and experienced professionals, offering house maid services for years, we guarantee services and results of remarkable quality. We will clean your home as it was our own. We use high-quality cleaning supplies and equipment. Thus, we always deliver fast results in a professional and efficient manner. Our cleaning plans are tailored to the needs and requirements of our clients.

Do you need a quality yet affordable maid service? Then, give Ultimate Sparkle Cleaning LLC a call today! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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If you’re looking for the best maid service in West Michigan, Ultimate Sparkle Cleaning is proud to serve Grand Rapids and the surrounding area. Whether you need a residential maid service or commercial cleaning services, we can help. We understand that all of our customers have different budgets and needs so get in touch with us for a free estimate and let us get your home or business sparkling clean!

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